Paint Colors that Sell Homes.

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I came across this interesting article, published today, regarding a study from Zillow Diggs- “This One Paint Job Could Make Your House Sell for $1,400 More“. Worth a read paint lovers!

“After looking through 50,000 sold homes around the country, Zillow Digs found that houses with yellow kitchens sell for nearly $1,400 more than homes with traditional white kitchens.”


The article goes on to list other price boosting colors such as mauve dining rooms, dove gray living rooms and sage green bedrooms. Mauve- what? I like to think this is more of a “gray/violet”. Very popular this year.


After spending more time than I’d like to admit, devoted to your paint color selections :), here are my thoughts on the findings-

• Absolutely paint colors sell homes accordingly. They are such a dominant player in the overall look and feel. Totally worth extra consideration and a fresh coat.

• Buyers pay more than value for exceptionally visually appealing properties. Color pops seem to draw people in further.

• Would I paint mauve and sage just because? No. I think we always need to judge the home independently and choose colors that flatter specific surfaces.

• Overall, I believe this may be more about eye-catching design than specific colors. What has surprised me through the years is the fear…so many people are afraid of adding any flair. But when you show and suggest dynamic touches- people smile, come alive, laugh.

Everyone wants a little of that… bold, creative, wow factor in moderation. Yes.

We are here to help. Cheers readers!

(thank you House Beautiful, Groves & Co. and Thibaut for the images)

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Real Life Interior Trends 2016.

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purple chair

Hello friends- happy summer.

We have been busy! This summer opens with large projects. Paint, tile, lighting, flooring, furniture. Everything I ever wanted to dabble in.

With projects becoming more complex, I am pushed to think more intently on every facet. My phone dings & pings a lot more than it used to. Happy clients keep the river rolling along :)

I wanted to share with you- fun design TRENDS & themes I’ve noticed in 2016 through real life work. Here goes-


There’s a shop in the area- Wallpaper Wallpaper. Stacked with books, floor to ceiling. I’ve visited too many times… I got in trouble this week for holding up too many books :) They were returned safely, thank you. I’m obsessed (& so are my clients)- a feature wall or even just the back of shelving. One thing I’ve learned- options you would never guess to work become top contenders, so view samples in the space.


Clients are holding on to everything. The painting of side tables, chairs, kitchen sets, etc. has become a decorating norm. Anything old becomes new with simple white paint or a pop of color if you’re brave. I think this trend is here to stay.

Trim, walls, accents, backsplashes. If your home has lighting issues, a splash of white will renew the happy. I have a home in the works- all trim, windows, and built-ins are being painted white with the exception of doors and a few other touches. Even the painter couldn’t believe the difference it made. Completely altered the mood.


Periwinkle, navy, gray-violet, powder blue. The most popular paint colors besides our beloved gray. Remember gray wisp? :) It’s still around, but sort of overshadowed by the cooler realm of blue for now.

dining room

The ye olde builder grade fixture is gone! Today we’re hanging the bold & the beautiful. You do not need to spend thousands to get the look. One awesome light above your dining table will restyle the room, even if you can’t budget the full remodel. Recently a client shared her genius find- Ikea ceiling lights. Alang & Calypso. Look amazing in the home!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my purge. Call us if you need assistance! Cheers readers.

(thank you Pinterest & PBTeen for the images)

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Spring Client Clips.

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Sometimes when potential clients call, I have trouble quickly summarizing my range of work.

I love variety. Variety in life & work. Who knows what will roll in at any given moment. Interiors, exteriors, remodels, businesses, homes, branding needs. I’m thankful for all of it. But only commit to things I know I can do well. That way we keep everyone happy! :)

Color matters bring most people our way, as well as referrals from friends, family, clients, & my absolute, valued relationship with this stellar real estate team- The Jay Schmidt Group. Everyone LOVES them (if you need to sell your house)!

And with that long opener (I like words, ask my husband). I want to share some super fun projects, currently in the works >

1. Karen’s House.
She told me she was mortified to reveal her floral sofa & such. Her walls had been off-white for decades. None of it was that bad, it just lacked the design flair she craved. We painted cabinets antique white, replaced kitchen counters with 1 of my recent obsessions, Salinas White granite, new backsplash, painted the hub of the home SW colonnade gray (gorgeous gray!). Results… almost made us cry good. Stars aligned, no one deserves it more than Karen.

karen's living room4blog

2. Kristen’s House.
To my friend- thank you for letting me collaborate on this killer lower level. We have had more fun… This girl & her husband underestimate their eye for beyond legal limits design :) Check out these curved walls with floor to ceiling mosaic. Nestled in-between the tile will be Candice Olson wallpaper. We selected flooring, counters, cabinets, carpet, bathroom materials, paint colors, lighting. The works. The best moment so far has been the washed navy we painted existing cabinets, OMG… BM temptation. Stay-tuned, this will be another blog post soon!!



3. Sharon’s Collection.
Sharon came to me with a delightful collection of exteriors that needed love. This one is so fun! We debated all different configurations before settling on cream trim to blend with existing windows, SW escape gray (pretty green/blue/gray mix) for the body, & we’ll be adding a plum pop to the door, etc. I was so excited to drive past & check on the colors…

park place apartment 4 blog

before ^


in the works ^

4. Rug-a-thon.
Since the area rug is one of the best ways to incorporate color, we are shoppin’ all the time for you! Here are a few rugs I’ve pulled for clients in the last several weeks. Everyone’s palette is so unique- it’s interesting to see them collaged here. Rugs can be tricky in that online appearance doesn’t guarantee color tone, so often I ask clients to purchase 2 options & return the lesser. The right rug definitely makes the room!


Does your project fit within our almost anything goes parameter? We would love to assist. Cheers readers!


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Mid-Century Exterior Makeover.

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One of my favorite projects! Lots of reads lately, so we’re bringing it back for an encore :) I heard the owners listed this property shortly after we finished & it went into a bidding war. Lots of charm, inside and out. >

Before for blog

When I first laid eyes on this Mid-Century Modern exterior, I knew this was going to be an exciting & dramatic transformation! :)

The clients were torn between the hip, modern, slightly industrial look they really wanted to create and future resale appeal.

Resale appeal is an interesting debate here? My thoughts are, this home will attract a specific demographic who love this style. So we should avoid trying to minimize the features and instead, work the look in a big way.

Evans Exterior for blog

Here is the plan in the works. A complete shift in colors with the addition of design elements like sculpture and large, modern house numbers.

We are very excited to see the changes come to life! What do you think?

Need help reinventing your exterior? Call me. Cheers readers!

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Client Sneak Peek : Exterior Reinvention.

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Screen shot 2016-03-20 at 3.56.54 PM

Growing up, friends & I generally lived in newer construction homes, nestled in the burbs. So during our summer breaks/teenage wanderings, when an event brought us to the east side of Milwaukee, we would linger past sunset to walk through the neighborhoods near Lake Drive, filled with historic “mansions”.

When the sky was dark & the lights were on, we were in awe of the views, so different in style than what we were used to. Crystal chandeliers, bold, bold paint colors- royal blue, red, yellow, stately furnishings. Visuals that delight at any darn age.

To now find myself in these homes, painting & decorating, well it’s been a winding path. Unexpected twists led me to the most satisfying creative work, I never want to leave. Here is a warm example >

Hello, I moved into the house across the street from the Smith’s and LOVE the color scheme I get to look at daily. I tried to email them to find out who helped but my emails were returned. So I googled color consultants in Milwaukee and found you. We are planning to paint the wood trim on our house & I would like you to help me select paint colors.

The home the client refers to was one of my first exteriors (6 years ago). I can admit that now! :) We are currently working on the client’s home & 2 apartment buildings. She came to me with this wonderful array of projects. You have to see this one >

park place apartment 4 blog

I’m dying to get started! All new color scheme wanted, completely open to direction. We must share the result!

Cheers readers, come see us for color & interior design.

(thank you Houzz for the first image)

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