Mid-Century Exterior Makeover.

Posted by: Jessamy on August 13, 2014 • 2 Comments

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When I first laid eyes on this Mid-Century Modern exterior, I knew this was going to be an exciting & dramatic transformation! :)

The clients were torn between the hip, modern, slightly industrial look they really wanted to create and future resale appeal.

Resale appeal is an interesting debate here? My thoughts are, this home will attract a specific demographic who love this style. So we should avoid trying to minimize the features and instead, work the look in a big way.

Evans Exterior for blog

Here is the plan in the works. A complete shift in colors with the addition of design elements like sculpture and large, modern house numbers.

We are very excited to see the changes come to life! What do you think?

Need help reinventing your exterior? Call me. Cheers readers!

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La-Z-Boy Urban Attitudes: Love!

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If you can get past the name and the visual it brings…

A few weeks ago, I saw a commercial > went to the website > drove to the store. Something clicked when I saw the La-Z-Boy, Urban Attitudes collection.

Everyone is looking for great sofas. I think we’ve finally moved past the puffy, beige standard- yeah! But stores & solid design options can be limited, so we jump on “new” resources.

Speaking from a design perspective, I LOVE some of these pieces! Like the Dolce Sofa-

Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 2.04.39 PM

The Bijou Sofa.

Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 2.14.33 PM

The Bijou Sitting Chaise.

Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 2.36.01 PM

& the best recliner I’ve seen in some time? Who knew…

Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 2.10.50 PM

I went to the store to test comfort level for better or worse. Luckily y’all it was for better! Every piece I sat on was quite comfortable. Some of the sofas were on the firm side, but nothing extreme.

Another thing I noticed- the sales manager told me the models had been on the sales floor for up to a few years- and they showed little wear. Which is huge.

Reasonable pricing & seemingly unlimited fabric options for customization. We’ve got winners! And that photo styling is really working for me.

I’ve always believed the right sofa makes your living area. Bringing you the best ;) Cheers readers!

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A Client Letter.

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Screen shot 2014-07-25 at 11.27.54 AM

Hi Jessamy,

We have lived in this house for 30 years. When we were first able to decorate the living room, I went to Old Toll Road Village (no longer in biz) and decorated at their advice, and at significant expense. The room was formal with cherry, Queen Ann furnishings, including a formal secretary. It was a beautiful room per decorator standards, but I never really loved it.

Then, my daughter left for college and I felt a need to change things up and incorporate a red sofa. OK, seemed fine and soothed my separation anxiety :)

Today, I walked into my living room and said “Ahhhh”. The room is beautiful, tranquil and so me. Finally, after 30 years, I LOVE my living room. Thank you so much for leading me down this path. I take every chance I get to go into that room and say, “I LOVE IT!!!” Finally.

Thank you for your talent and for making my house a home I love.

You’re awesome!

Letters like this inspire me forward. What a pleasure it is to do business together. Cheers readers!

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We Offer 2-D Renderings!

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Lately we’ve been doing LOTS of 2-D rendering for clients, realtors, and business owners.

We gather your photos and alter them accordingly in Photoshop.


Good thing I spent years in advertising, altering photos prior to Color Zen. Darn skills come in quite handy ;)


Why will you love this offering?

Because it takes the guesswork out of the design process! Here are a few examples of usage-

ART SELECTION. I snap a quick photo of your wall, then add different art options, so you can see what looks best before purchase. Works especially well for art above the fireplace (important focal point) or gallery wall creation.

FURNISHINGS. We can test different area rugs, sofas, light fixtures, curtain panels- you name it… Eliminates the sweaty, haul home options routine.

EXTERIOR DESIGN PLANS. You’ve heard me go on about this one :) Very difficult to pinpoint the best color and design selections for your exterior without seeing them on the surface. If you’re going to invest in 1 design service, I would say, this is it! Everyone sees your exterior.

STAGING. Virtual staging that is… Sometimes agents have empty rooms that look a little sad. Virtual staging allows the web viewer to imagine the possibilities.


I believe this type of rendering will continue to redefine the future of decorating and staging. It’s so convenient.


Need help? Call me anytime

Cheers readers!

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Reflections on 5 Years in the Home.

Posted by: Jessamy on July 17, 2014 • 0 Comments

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 4.56.29 PM

5+ years in business and we’ve stepped into many homes. Hundreds… And thank you for having us, each home is special.

Lately I’ve been thinking about themes. Patterns, reactions, and observations that repeat often. Design lessons- which updates have the most impact, which materials date the fastest. On a much grander scale- life lessons. Working with people from all avenues of life.

Feelings upon walking into a home. What makes you want to stay. Those exceptional days when I visit a client, have a profound conversation, and think… I’ll never be the same (in a good way).

All of this has happened, so I wanted to share some thoughts and advice…

1. Decorate for you. Not for fear of judgement or to satisfy anyone else. Well maybe your husband/partner is an exception. I‘ll give you that ;)

2. Beautiful surroundings make people happy. I see it everyday.

3. Size does not matter. Some of the most delightful places I’ve visited/colored/designed are very small.

4. Cheap things can look fantastic. Be creative.

5. Your personal touches, especially hobby and travel related items, make your home outstanding. Conversation pieces- there is something to that phrase! Just a few items.

6. Your energy makes your home. Boy has this one taught me a lesson…

7. Children and pets are beloved. If nothing else is in order, the kids have cute bedrooms and the dog has a cozy corner. I love it…

8. “Open to change” is my favorite client. As you can imagine there is an entire range from very resistant to 100% roll with it. The roll with it people get the best results! I once had a couple in their 80′s in this category = awesome.

9. Keep the remodel surface materials as “timeless”/ “classic” as possible. Layer the personality on top with art and accessories.

10. Tell your designer the truth. Like. Dislike. Not sure. Direct is best.

11. Tile stores remind me of candy shops. You’re wowed by color, texture, and pizazz. But be careful… those tiles date really fast!

12. Sample your paint. Please….. slap that color upon your wall. I can call out the right color but the shade must be tested. Your lighting chemistry is the wild card.

13. Too perfect is too perfect. Everyone needs a messy closet or 2. Or a home that feels livable.

14. A little old-fashioned hospitality is so nice. Takes effort but leaves a lasting impression.

15. I’ve never walked into a messy home. I picture the frantic cleaning session the night before- we all do it, ha ha.

And there are many more… Cheers Readers!

(thank you centra-homes for the image)

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